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submitted by Raquia D. - |Recommended: YesMy Home...not just a property — I would tell them that it depends on who replaces Beatrice. I've lived here for over two years, and although it may just be a property to the owners--it is my home. That said, the staff is an integral part of why I can call DTC home. I've seen staff come and go--some rather quickly. The ones who stay are the ones who care. We are not affordable housing residents, and our customer service should match the cost to live here. It is not welcoming to enter the office and see a new face, frankly, even though we all know it must occur. So it is even more upsetting when your needs are not met how they once were. So, while I wish Beatrice well, I am concerned about who replaces her and their treatment of not only the residents, but the existing staff. The staff make this place home--period. For example, today Daniel made two repairs in my home--one of which was hanging a fallen shower curtain rod. I did not even enter the room to verify if it had been done, as I trust him. Later on in the evening I happened to enter the room, and to my delight and awe really, I noticed that not only had he hung the rod, but he took the time to pick up the two shower curtains (that I haphazardly left on the floor) and HANG THEM! Who does that? Daniel! That's who! INVALUABLE. I could go on about each long term staff person but I simply wanted to illustrate my point.
submitted by Cheryl M. - |Recommended: YesThe support and care received is excellent. — The apartments are roomy and comfortable. However, it can be noisy due to the wood floors and heavy footed occupants. The pipes, when running water, can make noise also. Apartment complex needs a better method of garbage disposal.
submitted by Anonymous - |Recommended: YesTwo things — Please ask the exterminator to spray the corridors and hallways. The crickets get out of control this time of year. Please ensure that all doors that access the garage are closing/securing properly. Thank you. ---R.D.
submitted by Genell B. - |Recommended: YesAwesome!!! — I really enjoy living at DeSoto Town Center Apartments, Everything is right at your reach!!!
submitted by Cheryl M. - |Recommended: YesI love living here. I love the variety of neighbors and visitors to the Town Center. — It is about freedom of activities and there is never a dull moment.
submitted by Erica S. - |Recommended: YesVery clean and quiet. Excellent maintenance crew. — Its a wonderful and beautiful place to live. A lot of responsible people live here.
submitted by Melody B. - |Recommended: YesLOVE MY APT, JUST WISH WATER WAS DRINKABLE — its really centrally located, tons of things to do...nice atmosphere and really nice office personnel that make you want to stay!!!
submitted by Ena M. - |Recommended: YesThis is an amazing community to live in! — The staff is friendly and always ready to help and I love that there is a trail right behind our buildings. I get in a great run and then can take a dip in the pool. It's a great place to live and it encourages a healthy lifestyle.
submitted by Raquia D. - |Recommended: YesThe Pool — I have lived in the TC for two years in July and my main complaint this time of year is the pool. To the Owners: please install new, sturdier locks that cannot be pulled open (I've seen it done) so that the local teenagers cannot gain access to this area. The noise is a nuisance, and I cannot enjoy the pool area. Otherwise, all is well at the TC.
submitted by Genell B. - |Recommended: YesI love it!!! — Its a great place to live, and everything is at your fingertips. The community environment of DeSoto Town Center is just AWESOME!!!
submitted by Alberta W. - |Recommended: YesDeSoto Town Center Apartments provide a plesant environment and a gracious atmosphere — I would tell them that on the whole the experience has been a good one. The apartment homes are lovely, clean and comfortable with outstanding mangement. I did have to adjust to the loft design when it came to bringing in groceries but the walk has been beneficial healthwise. The noise level varies . Because I live downstairs , I can hear the tenants walking around or moving furniture because of the hardwood floors, however, those kinds of noises don't occur often. Overall, the living experience here has been great.
submitted by Lewis R. - |Recommended: YesGreat place to live — Besides a couple of filthy residents, the living is wonderful. Some residents are not taking pride in helping keeping the area upscale. The library downstairs can be a headache sometimes. There are always children outside of it loitering.
submitted by Genell B. - |Recommended: YesThey are great — its a nice environement and are great
submitted by Cheryl M. - |Recommended: YesLove it,,,,Love it. — The only problem is that I live on the corner fo the building and when the weather is disagreeable, the corner apartments get it worse than anybody. Should be a way to block some of that air especially on the north side. Maybe allow us to put more insulation around the door because there is too much space between door and door frame. Also, I still think that instructions should be sent to residents on how to use that grill down there and who to contact when the fuel is low. I hope I am answering #2 question right. If my neighbors downstairs can hear me walking like I hear those upstairs, I am so sorry. I am getting used to waking up during the night.
submitted by Mashekia J. - |Recommended: NoFeedback — Water quality is still very poor. This type of water quality would not be acceptable in other communities.